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Sarah Hancock

UKCP registered psychotherapist

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Sarah Hancock

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Bradford-on-Avon : Frome

Sarah hancock psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy in Bath

It is not unusual to be thinking of seeking help when you are going through a tough time in your life or experiencing relationship difficulties. Therapy can offer an opportunity to explore the challenges you are facing with some-one who has expertise in helping others and finding ways forward.    

I offer a private, service for individuals, couples, families and young people who are experiencing difficulty or emotional distress. I work on a short term or longer term basis depending on your need.

I enjoy working with people from many different backgrounds and experiences, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation or disability. It may be helpful to come for an initial meeting to explore how we could work together.

Therapy for individuals, couples and families

…for individuals

Some people prefer to come to therapy on their own even when their concerns involve other people. If you are initially unsure who should come this can be talked about briefly on the phone before the first appointment..


…for families

This means any group of people who see themselves as a family including adult families who are looking for help. Families with children may have worries about childhood behaviour or school problems. Parents may be…


…for couples

Couples can experience many challenges, some of which will feel manageable on your own and at other times talking with a therapist can make a positive difference. It can feel easier to talk about difficult subjects with someone….


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